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Member organizations set to reinstate previous unity, says EPRDF

Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has started reviewing the performances of the deep renewal program it began last year, according to a statement the committee sent to EBC Wednesday.

As we speak, the statement says, Ethiopia is registering speedy economic leap for which the country is being acclaimed locally and globally.

EPRDF also understands that issues pertinent to development, good governance and peace demand basic and lasting solutions.

Our evaluations have, therefore, pinpointed typical manifestations of these issues and their underlying causes.

Thus, the ruling party, as usual, is ready to successfully discharge the huge responsibility the nations have entrusted upon it. 

EPRDF also takes notice that the conflicts which led to bloodshed and threats in the country are mainly attributable to weak spots in the leaderships of the organization.

The committee underscores the need for a strong unity among the four EPRDF member organizations so as to maintain the ongoing rapid economic growth and democratization process.

In accordance with the assessment it has carried out so far, the committee realizes that mistrust has been growing among them recently.

After looking into the problem and based on in-depth discussion held on it, the member organizations have reached consensus to reinstate the previous unity.

The Executive Committee also strongly demands unwavering efforts in an attempt to prevent potential conflicts and safeguard the federal system.

The committee would soon bring to a close its meeting and come up with long-lasting solutions to issues of development, good governance and peace, the statement noted.


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