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Defendants in Bekele Gerba et al case petitions court to subpoena PM Hailemariam

The defendants in the pending court case of Bekele Gerba et al has petitioned the Federal High Court to subpoena Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to appear as witness after the PM failed to appear in court in spite of being issued with official court summon.

Hailemariam was called as defense witness in the ongoing case involving the prominent Oromo opposition leader, Bekele Gerba, and many others included in the same charge. Hence, the court has issued summon for the PM during the last trial date to which the PM failed to respond.

In fact, it was the Office of the Prime Minister that informed the court that the PM could not appear before court to be a witness in the aforementioned case since he is overburdened with heavy workload and very tight schedule.

Hence, defendants requested the court today to serve the PM with subpoena and compel him to appear as witness in the high-profile case.



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