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Today is the 200th birthday of Emperor Tewodros II

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Today is the 200th birthday of Emperor Tewodros II


Between 1769 and 1855, Ethiopia was disconnected into a amount of baby kingdoms and disqualified by bounded princes and feudal lords is accepted in Ethiopian history as the "Era of Princes and Wealthy Feudal Lords (Zemene Mesafint)".

The axial govenment was abolished and the bounded princes took ascendancy of their own diplomacy until 1855. In 1855, Lij Kassa Hailu, the son of Dejezmach Hailu Wolde Giorgis (Governor of Kawara commune of Dembia, western Beghemider province), declared himself "King of Kings" and was crowned beneath the name of Emperor Tewodros II.

Tewodros began to re-unify Ethiopia by subjugating bounded Princes to his rule. He confined prince Menelik of Shewa who banned to recognise Tewodros as Emperor. Tewodros lacked adept abilities and acclimated force to accompany his ambition of re-uniting the country.

Because of this, Tewodros became abhorred a part of abounding bounded princes and feudal lords. He auspiciously overthrew feudal lords and broadcast acreage to the peasants and accustomed people.

His efforts led to the abolishment of the bondservant barter and won him the hearts and minds of abounding accustomed people. Tewodros efforts were to modernise his army, and to re-unite and accustomed an absolute and absolute Ethiopia. To fulfil his ambitions, Tewodros contacted a few European countries, accurately Great Britain for support. He encountered a set aback if he bootless to get the abutment he had asked for.

The final harbinger for Tewodros came if the British did not acknowledge his appeal of support. He became actual affronted and he took several British humans prisoners in a final atrocious attack to get support. Queen Victoria wrote to him allurement for the absolution of the prisoners but Tewodros banned to absolution the prisoners and this led to the campaign of British troops to Meqdala in 1869. Geographically, Ethiopia was and still is a actual difficult country to biking in after central co-operation so the British contacted Dejezmach Kassa of Tigray who was black with the way he had been advised by Tewodros. Kassa of Tigray fabricated a accord with the British. They promised him that he would get ammunition in barter for his abutment adjoin Tewodros. In 1869, The British troops and Kassa of Tigray marched on Meqdala and defeated Tewodros army.

Tewodros attempt and dead himself rather than abandonment to the British army. After Tewodros death, the British army looted the country's adored manuscripts and religious artefacts from Megdala.

Today these priceless treasures of Ethiopia can be apparent in abounding museums in the UK including the British Museum. The British army aswell took Tewodros's son, Alemayohu, to Britain area he grew up beneath the aegis of Queen Victoria until he died at the age of 18.

His canonizing is now in the abbey at Windsor Castle. Tewodros is remembered by Ethiopians as the architect and moderniser of Ethiopia's Re-unification. He is now one of the a lot of admired actual figure.

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