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Ethiopia: What Does The Color You Choose Say About You?

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What Does The Color You Choose Say About You?


Recently I was asked to facilitate a branch for a anew formed team. One of the activities I acclimated to bound appraise the personality types aural the allowance is The Blush Test.

The Blush Test is simple.

Buy Crayons or Atramentous Markers, abundant so that anniversary being has a complete set of 8 (one Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Brown)

At the meeting, mix all the crayons or atramentous markers

Have anniversary actor accept 1 color

Once they accept called their color, let the individuals apperceive that you can acquaint what blazon of personality they accept based on the blush they have.

They will all be absorbed and will wish to apperceive what the blush they chose agency for them

Let them apperceive that you will do so at the end of the meeting

Before I get to what anniversary blush means, did you apperceive that we see in three primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue?

All added colors we see are a aggregate of these primary colors. For instance, Yellow + Dejected = Green. I accept the Zip Lock Bags acclimated to accept the allowance in Yellow and Dejected so that the customer would apperceive it was closed if it has angry Green.

So what does the blush mean?

Black. Humans who accept atramentous as their admired blush are generally aesthetic and sensitive. While these humans aren't introverts, they are accurate with the data of their lives and do not allotment calmly with others.

White. Humans who like white are generally organized and analytic and don't accept a abundant accord of ataxia in their lives.

Red. Those who adulation red reside activity to the fullest and are adamant and bent in their endeavors.

Blue. If dejected is your admired blush you adulation harmony, are reliable, acute and consistently accomplish an accomplishment to anticipate of others. You like to accumulate things apple-pie and tidy and feel that adherence is the a lot of important aspect in life.

Green. Those who adulation the blush blooming are generally affectionate, loyal and frank. Blooming lovers are aswell acquainted of what others anticipate of them and accede their acceptability actual important.

Yellow. You adore acquirements and administration your ability with others. Finding beatitude comes simple to you and others would analyze you to sunshine.

Purple. You are aesthetic and unique. You accept a abundant account for humans but at times can be arrogant.

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