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Artist Alemayehu Taddesse responded to tilahun gugsa's commentary

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It can work. It is interesting to see as you travel across the country, the different practices that are occurring. You see somebody using a wooden plough pulled by an ox. Then you see that gentleman pulling out his cellphone and talking to somebody, may be checking the weather or something. You see these kinds of varying degrees of technology and adoption. Farmers want to increase their productivity. When they see something better coming along or if their neighbor is doing something different they want to know that; they don’t want to be left behind. It happens all the time in the US as the farmer next door is seen planting new seed and watching it from the other side of the field, his neighbor would want to know what that farmer is doing and want to have the same results. The same is true here. Despite the small farm sizes and slow diffusion of new trends, you see similar things here as well. Farmers are adopting newer technologies. Mechanization is something a little bit different than what it would be in Ethiopia. You see tractors and other larger agricultural machines. But it is challenging when to introduce those technologies of mechanization to smallholder farmers. In some instances, the technology is there but getting it to farmers and making it accessible is sometimes difficult. At the end of the day, it’s the farmers who decide which works best for them. The market needs to be able to work to allow them to make those decisions. Farmers are smart and they will do and adopt the technologies that give them the best results.

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  • des Added Alex betam gobez artist neh adnakih negn haymanotih bemewdedih ena lenezih Ortodox eyetesadebu yemiwlut ene Tilahun Gugusa turu mels new sisay tetebalk comment yesetehew degmo Alex poletikegna adelem silehaymanotu menager mebtu new lemn Tilahun Gugussa lay endeza atilim neber tady keep it up Alex we love you!
  • Sisay Added Dear Alemayeho let me tell you one thing. You are professional artist and You are serving all Ethiopians people (Orthodox, Protestant, Muslim and other religious groups) by your profession and by your profession you represent all religious group. All Ethiopians loves you; so why you opposing other religion by siding one religion? Alex please thinks over it these people know how to handle those people he loves and dislike.
  • wasihun Added ትርጉም አልባ!! እውነት ቢመስል ቅሉ ግን አልኖሩትም እንደ መነባንቡ
  • Abi Added simetna Emnet eko yileyayal, emnet ke alemawi tibeb yileyal, lemehonu Ye eyesusin amlakinet yekade manew? Enanate eko kibir lisetewn yemigebawn Yemiyakebrutn yemtnikuna yemitsadebu ayidelachiwm ende. Ye egiziabiher lijinet ke manim lijinet yibeltal yam yemigegnew be liju bemamen bicha new. Hawariyat be menfes kidus temertew endinbet zend kalun Tsifewlinal. Ke kalu wichi yemil hulu degimo min endemigetimew hulu be raey mtsihaf mecheresha lay tesifwal. Kalu yemayilewnim yechemere endezaw. wegenoche mesedadebina mekeraker sayihon yemibejew wede ewnetu wede egiziabiher kal memeles new. egiziabiher yemishelimew yetesadebena yangwateten sayihon ye ewnetin menged lemiyasay kalun lemisebikna be chelema yalutin wede birehan yemiyametawn new. Lehulachinim lib yisten. wede ewnetu yeminmetabetin menged ybralin. amen!
  • Abiyot Getachew Added ካንድ ከተማረ አርቲስት የማይጠበቅ ንግግር ምክንያቱም የሌላውን እምነት እያንቃሸሹ መናገር እኔ ብቻ ና ትክክል ኛ ማለት አሳፋሪ ነው